Essential oils are obtained by steam distillation of spices and other herbs. Regulating the condition of the steam distillation, at the time of manufacture of the oil, tailor-made aroma extractives can be produced. Similarly, vacuum fractional distillation can produce concentrates. Essential oils represent the aroma of spices. Essential oils are volatile and liquid aroma compounds from natural sources, usually plants. Essential oils are not oils in a strict sense, but often share with oils a poor solubility in water. Essential oils often have an odor and are therefore used in food flavoring and perfumery.

Ajwoin seed oil Curcuma zadoeria oil Manteria oil
Amaranth Oil Cypriol oil Marjoram oil
Ambrettee seed oil Davana oil Nutmeg oil
Angelica root oil Dill seed oil Olibanum oil (frankincense oil)
Anise seed oil Eucalyptus oil Orris Oil Absolute
Asafetida oil Evening prime rose oil Palmarosa oil
Basil oil(Holy) Fennel seed oil Parsley seed oil
Bergamot oil Galangal alpinia oil Patchouli oil
Betel leaf oil Galangal kaemferia oil Pilu Oil
Black cumin seed oil Galangal officinarum oil Piper cubeba oil
Black pepper oil Garlic oil Ravensara oil
Cajuput oil Geranium oil Red thyme oil
Calamous oil Ginger oil Rose absolute oil
Caraway oil Ginger grass oil Rose concrete oil
Cardamom oil Hedychium oil Rosewood oil
Carrot seed oil Honey Suckle oil Tagetes oil
Cassia oil Inula Oil Tea tree oil
Cade oil Jamrose oil Thuja oil
Cedarwood oil Jasmine absolute oil/concrete Thymol natural ex-ajwain oil
Celery seed oil Jatamansi oil(spikenard) Turmeric oil
Chamomile blue oil Juniper berry oil Valerian oil
Cinnamon leaf oil Kaffir lime oil Vetiver oil
Citronella oil Laurel berry oil Violet Oil
Clary sage oil Lavender oil Winter green oil
Clove bud oil Lemon oil Worm wood oil
Coriander oil Lemongrass oil Xanthoxylum oil
Costus root oil Lime oil Yarayara oil
Cumin seed oil Mace oil Ylangylang oil